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Welcome to Henri Compost’s Blog

Articles, features, short stories, poems, off-the-beaten-track reviews, travel logs, personal anecdotes and other assorted oddments, even the occasional play – it’s all to be found here.

Question is, will the scraps thrown onto this ever-growing heap start to germinate and take root or will they simply be left to rot?


Henri works as an IT consultant. Born up north and raised in the UK but now living in continental Europe, he considers himself Multi-European. He’s not overly political. Nor particularly religious. He just likes to write.

Please leave a comment if you find yourself enjoying his (com)posts and would like to see more.

Oh, and by the way, it’s not his real name. But you knew that already.

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All rights reserved.

Henri (on a slow day)

Latest Posts

  • Overheard: At the Opticians
    The customer, a portly, past-middle-aged man, was standing in front of a mirror with a new pair of glasses on. “They don’t sit particularly well, do they?” “The frames have been correctly adjusted, sir,” said the assistant. “Several times now.”Continue reading “Overheard: At the Opticians”
  • Tone It Down
    We have a Hewlett Packard Colour LaserJet printer+copier+scanner(+fax) in the home office. It’s served us very well over the years. It needs four separate toner cartridges, costing upwards of €80-€90 each, so the operating costs can feel pretty hefty atContinue reading “Tone It Down”
  • Just-Passed Phil
    R.I.P. Prince Philip.Am going to miss you and your one-liners.But life and the jostle for position go on… Just-Passed Phil The Duke of EdinburghBecame a MountbattenTo marry a throneThat he never sat on.‘Twas the other way aroundLeading to plenty ofContinue reading “Just-Passed Phil”
  • Rekindled, part 7 (P.P.S.)
    A miracle. No other word for it.
  • Debunking The New-Car Myth
    What to look for in a new car. Or what not to look for. Debunking the ‘3F’ myth. Or not.
  • Happy Easter!
    For all those who might be wondering how the Easter Bunny came to be, all is revealed:
  • Rekindled, part 6 (P.S.)
    A Happy End to what turned out to be a bit of a struggle. Largely of my own making, mind…
  • Rekindled, part 5
    A look at Kindle Unlimited, Amazon’s all-you-can-eat eBook-reading experience.
  • Rekindled, part 4
    A detailed, deep-dive look at Kindle eBook royalties for authors.

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Compost’s Corner

All content © Copyright Henri Compost, 2020-2021. All rights reserved.

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I don’t do social media. Well, I do but mainly to stay in touch with old friends. And I’m not sure I’d want them reading any of this…

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